One-Armed Wonder

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OneMindstorm demoed the “One-Armed Wonder” which was originally designed by Daniele Benedetelli. This robot uses a software on the computer to solve the rubix cube, it requires you have a USB Camera. You connect the NXT and the camera to your computer and the software takes care of the rest. This is not the case for MAC Users. We emailed this author regarding this book, before the book was even published. He told us that it will be MAC compatible, when the book was published he didn’t release a MAC software. Many users were disappointed.

OneMindstorm decided to create there own MAC version software which is even better than the PC version. The software works on MAC and it scans the cube while solving. This allows the robot to solve the cube faster. We are working on to contact the author if we can post the new software online.

OneMindstorm will give this book a 4.5 stars. The book is excellent for PC users but, MAC users should hold off until the Mac software is released. If you are a windows user and want to build a Rubix Cube Solver, buy this book. MAC users can buy this book and can build the other robots in the book; such as the “tic tac toe” robot and can build the Rubix Cube Solver as soon as the MAC version of the software will be released.

Video Demo:

I recommend purchasing this book on Amazon, they will give you a discount if you purchase the book using the link below:


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