OM Car

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OM Car is a powerful Lego Car! It has a hidden light sensor, a touch sensor, and a sound sensor! It uses two back motors and one motor in front for steering! It is very durable and easy to build! Building instructions are available, the program is still in development but you can remote control the NXT robot using the Mindstorm software or a Wii remote. This robot can only be built with the Mindstorm NXT 1.0.

You can download the building instructions as a LDD or PDF.

Note: LDD is recommended, it helps you build your robot easier. If you are using LDD on the top right corner you will see generate building instructions, Click that and build your robot. They are a few steps in the end that you will have to look at in the PDF to complete the robot.

If you are downloading a LDD you will need Lego Digital Designer.

You can download the LDD from on of these links below:

1. To download the LDD from this link: Download LDD 1 / Download LDD 2 right click and select download linked file.

If you are downloading the PDF click on one of the links below:

2. Download PDF / Download PDF 2

Program Coming Soon! For now remote control your robot using the Mindstorm software or a Wii remote.

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